Solutions to build on

RIEDEC is an innovative process that makes the production of cast-stone building materials independent of the base material and location. For the first time ever, regionally available materials – and even low-grade reserves – can be transformed into efficient and sustainable building products. Intelligent processing in mobile plants on site allows for faster, safer and more efficient building. RIEDEC technology not only creates economic but above all ecological and socio-cultural benefits and therefore adds value for companies, the local population and the environment.

The modern building material for present and future generations

The demand for high-quality building materials is rising, while the available supplies of suitable resources are shrinking. High-quality building materials must often be transported over great distances at substantial time and cost, while demolition landfills are increasing steadily. An improved product life cycle in the construction industry will represent the major challenge of the future for building materials producers.

RIEDEC technology is a pioneering innovation that makes it possible to convert any locally available material into efficient and sustainable building products. No specific base material is required: natural raw materials work just as well as recyclable material like rubble, excavation material, landfill waste or even sludge.

The cost-effective and eco-friendly RIEDEC process involves the addition of a special binder to the local base material. Mixing in the binder transforms nearly any base material into a high-quality building product that meets the technical requirements of each individual construction project.

Process Binder


  • It is made from nearly any locally available base material and is
  • Adjusted to meet any construction requirements
  • To also comply with the highest quality and environmental standards
  • And improve the product life cycle in the construction industry
  • For the benefit of present and future generations